Plans and Goals for 2020

General / 01 January 2020

Happy New Year! With 2019 behind us, it's time to look forward to the new year.  I'm not a huge proponent of dramatic new years resolutions, but I would like to share a bit about some of my plans for 2020. More in-person events! 

  • In 2019 I attended my first con.  I'd like to get in the habit of doing more in-person events, including conventions as well as smaller art markets and popups.  I'm mostly looking into local events (in the Wichita area) at present.  The larger local conventions are in the latter half of the year, but it takes quite a bit of prep to run a booth so it'll be an ongoing process all year and I'll try to keep everyone updated.  I've put together an Amazon Wishlist if anyone would like to contribute directly to my setup (or if you'd just like to check out the stuff I'm looking at for display).  I also need to raise money for booth fees, printing products, and potentially travel expenses, so I am thankful for any support you can provide on Patreon!  
  • I'm also working on a new longterm project.  I've been interested in getting into board game illustration, and I am also a casual fan of game design, so I'm working on designing and illustrating my very first board game!  I don't have a lot of details to share about it right now, but I've gotten a rough ruleset worked out and found a source for printing. I'm looking forward to sharing more as it develops! 
  • Other than those two (very big) projects, I'm also going to be focusing on...focusing!  In 2019, the majority of my artistic income came from in-person sales and personal commissions, so in 2020 I'm keeping the number of online platforms I attempt to manage light and shifting more focus to making great art and getting it in front of people in person.  

So those are the major art things I'm thinking about right now for 2020.  Things may change or priorities may shift later.  Oh, plus my fiance and I are planning our wedding.  So 2020 is shaping up to be a pretty big year for me, regardless of how well the art biz goes!